Digital Marketer Vacancy

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Job opportunity at Keshmoon;

Marketing Director


Keshmoon is a fast growing and purpose driven startup. Keshmoon enables socially conscious consumers to buy high quality and fresh saffron directly from farmers in South Khorasan using an online platform. As such, farmers gain from their valuable products will increase, which leads to an improved quality of life for their families and a stronger motivation to use water efficient methods to farm and grow saffron. The balance of economic motivation and social, land and environmental purposes have made Keshmoon one of the successful startups over the past year. Keshmoon has won several awards in domestic and international pitch competitions such as Karzaar and Silk Road.


What you will do at Keshmoon:


  • Lead and execute the text and visual content development for social media, website, and other media and channels

  • Lead the execution of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns such as online ad display, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEOs and other channels.

  • Directly work with the tech and design team members to implement landing pages, publish contents and marketing automation tools

  • Monitor sales and marketing analytics to adjust marketing activities and campaigns

  • Contribute to organizing events and attendance in tradeshows and conferences

  • Support the CRM specialist and the tech lead in mapping user journey and customer personas

  • Support the CEO with the development of monthly and quarterly marketing plan

  • Act as a liaison between Keshmoon and advertising agencies and contractors

  • Lead the competitive and business intelligence to inform Keshmoon’s competitive strategy


What you bring to the table:

  • Minimum 3 years of direct experience in digital marketing

  • Adaptive to dynamic and agile work environment with uncertainties

  • “Moderate” experience in using photo and video editing software to produce content

  • Decent level of writing skill to produce text contents

  • Strategic and Analytical mindset

  • Open to learn new stuffs and push yourself out of comfort zone

  • Receptive to feedback to adopt new behavior

  • Strong passion and, sense of humour and energy to mobilize the team in marketing activities

  • Previous experience in startups, e-commerce and platform business models is a huge asset


In case you are interested, kindly please send your CV to Mohammad via mo[at]


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