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Why saffron?

Saffron adds unmatched flavor, color, fragrance and smell to our drinks and food. The saffron flavor agent molecule, picocrocin, has so far only been found in saffron.

Saffron is said to promote happiness in those who consume it.

Saffron has antioxidants that inhibit cancer.


What is saffron anyway?

Saffron comes from the Crocus satius plant. The flower is a perennial plant that grows in winter and is dormant in the summer. The delicate flower of this plant is the first part of the plant that sprouts out of the soil in the month of November.
This morning flower is picked before the sun rises, when the flower is still closed.
The family of the farmers pull the strands that are found inside the flower with their fingers carefully.
These strands are yellow and have three red flags attached to them. Sometimes the red parts are separated from the yellow parts and sold separately.
These red strands that are separated, when dried, become the saffron that we know.
150 to 180 gallons of saffron must be collected to get generate one gram of saffron.


What is saffron good for?

You can cook delicious and flavorful food with saffron.

You can make warm and cold drinks with saffron.


How is saffron grown?

The saffron plant has one bulb. This bulb is planted in the spring or at the end of the summer. This bulb stays in the soil from four to eight years and each year in November it produces a flower. Shortly after flowering, leaves also grow in. Interestingly, throughout the winter season, the leaves of the saffron plant remain green and grow in the midst of snow and rain.
As spring arrives, the saffron leaves turn yellow and the plant enters hibernation.
This is because the saffron plant does not use much water resources and is dormant in the summer months, gaining the name “drought-fighting hero”.


Is it true that saffron is more expensive than gold? Who can afford it?

Yes, it is true that each gram of saffron is more expensive than each gram of another product. Nevertheless, for each serving of a meal for a family of four, only one tenth of a gram of saffron is needed.Thus, a little bit of saffron goes a long way and the average household does not need much saffron to last a long time for culinary purposes.  


Why are Keshmoon farmers the right source for my saffron?

There are many reasons you should buy Keshmoon saffron. First and foremost, the cultivation and production of our saffron is clearly sources and presented, so you know the entire backstory of the farmer you are purchasing your saffron from. Second, we test our saffron quality to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality saffron on the market by sending a sample of saffron from each farmer to a lab to ensure that it is up to the ISO3632 standard.
One distinguishing characteristic of our saffron from others is that we sell saffron from single source farmers. That means that you will receive saffron from the farmer you have selected. Furthermore, it ensures that if any problem arises, you have the choice to trace it back to determine who should be held accountable. In this way, both the buyer receives better quality saffron and consistency that other saffron companies do not offer and the farmer receives more money than selling to bulk buyers that often place farmers at a disadvantage.
Last but not least, one of the winning characteristics of our saffron is that we only accept farmers who participate in our water saving plan. This way when you purchase our saffron you know that you are helping support local farmers return their region back to sustainable conditions.


When I buy from Keshmoon farmers how much do I contribute to their income?

You contribute to doubling the income of the farmers that work with Keshmoon by purchasing our saffron. We are all about empowering our farmers financially.


Can I visit the saffron farm producing my saffron and meet my farmer?

Yes! Each harvest season, in early November, Keshmoon holds a Saffron harvesting tour. You can attend the tour and witness firsthand the farming process of the saffron you purchase from us.


Why should I trust Keshmoon?

We are one of the most successful startups in Iran that is disrupting the traditional supply chain of saffron in a positive manner.
At a gathering of Iranian-born entrepreneurs in Barcelona, ​​Spain, 2016 Keshmoon was selected as the second best startup. In fact, Keshmoon has been honored in many startup pitch competitions and has been referenced in a number of media outlets both inside and outside of Iran. Presently a documentary about our story is under construction. Most importantly, we provide the opportunity for our buyers to visit our farms and meet our farmers in person to connect with them on a personal level.

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