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Cut Filament Saffron

Cut Filament Saffron

A portion of the strands of saffron from each farmer, which are completely red, are cut and separated to be sold. This entire red portion, called the sargol , is packaged in metal packages complete with 1 gram of saffron. For more information, please visit our shopping page.

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Whole Filament Saffron

Whole Filament Saffron

The strands of saffron are not naturally entirely red. There is also a yellow portion, which is a part of the saffron. The saffron strand is complete after it has been separated from the saffron plant. All of the farmers in the Gaen region, extract the saffron strands themselves.

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  • Immediate Shop from farmers

    Immediate Shop from farmers

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Mark Hall

An Amrican living in Poland

I love saffron... Evidently it`s good to have a source you can trust because there is a lot of rubbish being sold as saffron! Continue...



Sweden Biker

When we made the Saint Lucia buns, we followed the recipe. But the taste of saffron was stronger than expected, in spite of using the same amount as usual. This is probably because Hajisay's saffron is of a much higher quality than we usually get in Sweden. Continue...