About Keshmoon

Keshmoon is an online platform that connects customers directly to farmers. On this platform you can find the story behind the food that you buy, information about each farmer and his/her product in their profiles and get in touch with them.

But first and foremost let’s read the story behind Keshmoon.

The Story behind Keshmoon

We are Mohammad and Hamze Qaempanah, the grand sons of a farmer from Qaen. With the help of our good friend Siamak we co-founded Keshmoon.

Our grandfather, Yussof Qaempanah was the inspiration of this project. We have many wonderful memories of him, one of the most memorable being said: “When I die, I will die with my shovel in my hand.” With the memory of our grandfather in our hearts, we wanted to create a fair world for farmers and consumers. One of the main products of Qaen is saffron, the world's most expensive spice. Nowaday, saffron farmers suffer from water scarcity and the presence of middlemen in the saffron market, both result in farmers’ income reduction. Keshmoon was born to find a solution for these problems. Siamak was one of the first people who supported the idea, and like a mentor, he joined our team and guided us along the way. After four years we can expand to the whole country and provide customers food from around Iran. Now we work with the farmers of barberries and dates as well.

Water Crisis

Qanat is an ancient sustainable water distribution channel invented in Iran. Qaen had 12 Qanat which all dried out by 2015. Now deep wells are used to provide water which is one of the reasons behind the reduction of the water table by half a meter per year.

Salty Water ruined farming

As much as the wells deeper there is higher risk that salt affected water and consequently, saffron flower water with. 10 years ago our uncle Ibrahim lost his saffron farm due to salty water, after he made his well deeper.


Appreciate all the farmers' effort to save the planet by fair trade.


Our objective is to introduce professional Iranian farmers to the world via a transparent supply chain. In this way we equip them with the knowledge of sustainable agriculture and improve ourselves to become a global reference of authentic persian food.


Spread the culture of purchasing authentic and certified products. Teach customers distinguish the high quality product. Spread the culture of knowledge sharing among farmers.